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Myst - The Book of Atrus Comic!

Heather Larkin, a talented freelance artist, has started the very interesting project of drawing the story of The Book of Atrus.

So far she has drawn three Chapters, telling the story of Atrus's childhood with Anna. The drawings are really well done, they are able to communicate the atmosphere and the feelings of the characters, which have very detailed expressions.

She is also putting together a proposal to send to Cyan Worlds to see if they are interested in publishing her work as an official commercial product by Cyan.

You can start reading the Comic here: http://mystcomic.smackjeeves.com/news/

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ADBMM 2012 and Cavern Mysterium


ADBMM 2012, sponsored in part by The Guild of New Greeters, is finally here! Wondering what ADBMM is? Visit the FAQ here.

This year, there are many exciting activities planned, including the first ever Cavern Mysterium! There will be marker games, Q&A's, challenges, and so much more!

ADBMM begins on Sunday, May 14th and Cavern Mysterium begins on Saturday, May 19th.

A complete shedule of events can be found here.

We still need judges and marker game creators, so if you are at all interested please send Trekluver a PM on the Myst Online forums.

See you in the cavern!

D'ni Location: 
See Calendar of Events for more information.
Date of the event: 
May 13, 2012 (All day) - May 19, 2012 (All day)
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Myst V: End of Ages on Steam and GOG!

Cyan Worlds, Inc., together with Ubisoft, has announced that Myst V: End of Ages will be made available for download on the Steam game-distribution platform starting this Friday! And if Steam doesn't get your blood boiling for this, then maybe some Good Old Games will: Cyan also stated that GOG.com will be distributing the game soon after as well.  No price has been mentioned yet.

So if you haven't played the final entry in the Myst series (although, hopefully, maybe the end can never truly be written), now's the time!

Submitted by: 
Lyrositor and Trekluver
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Interview with Rand Miller

Today we had a wonderful Live Chat with Rand Miller on Skype during Mysterium where he replied to a lot of Fans Questions, told us about the state of Cyan and made us laugh a lot; we even got a nice view of his office and his fireplace.

Watch the Video

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June All Guilds Meeting Log

The meeting today was quite short but went well without Leo. As always, a chat log can be read here. It is the raw version as there was argubaly no reason to make a cleansed version (if somebody feels that it should be made as such then feel free to do so).

A brief synopsis:
From the GoMe:
- (Luna) Today the "Behind Open Source" special was released featuring interviews and important info you need to know about Open Source. Read more here.
- (Theremin) The third issue of Go! has been started and is expected to be released in July or August

From the Mysterium Committee:
- A recap of all of the details released so far in addition to the announcement of our logo, t-shirts, and free registration contest. Everything you need to know is at the Mysterium 2011 page.

From the GoW:
- PyPRP has been updated
- A fix has been made that reduces the lag that occurs when sending age invites
- The shard they announced has been been put on hold due to technical issues.

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